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DaU processes simple and double-entry bookkeeping for sole proprietors as well as companies. With DaU, you don’t have to worry about VAT records, received and issued invoices, or the cash register. We will take care of internal regulations, asset records, but also asset depreciation in your business.


"Perfect cooperation! Accurate and error-free processing. Professional approach and willingness to help with any problem."

Jofi Servis s.r.o.


DaU communicates with banks and guarantees the control of the formal correctness of electronic and written communication. We will prepare reports and all tax returns for you and your company. Leave simple and double-entry bookkeeping to DaU professionals.

Fair prices
Price list of accounting services

Tax returns from

  • Type A natural person from 40€

  • Type B natural person from 80€

  • Legal entity from 150€

  • Motor vehicle tax 10€/vehicle

Accounting processing from

/ per item
  • Flat rate, non-paying VAT from 50€/month

  • Flat rate, VAT payer from 100€/month

Wages and human resources from

/ employee