"With DaU we are extremely satisfied, especially due to our willingness and speed to advise on any accounting issues. I appreciate their well-functioning team and their ability to adapt even in emergency situations that need to be addressed promptly. They won us over with their professionalism, willingness to advise and their personal approach. We use a wide portfolio of their services, for which we are grateful. We highly recommend."



Inspections from the authorities frighten many entrepreneurs, and we at DaU want to fight this fear. If you have a full head of regulations, ordinances and decrees, you should leave the control from the state office to the professionals from DaU, who will represent your company in front of the state power.


"Perfect cooperation! Accurate and error-free processing. Professional approach and willingness to help with any problem."

Jofi servis s.r.o.


DaU professionally represents entrepreneurs during inspections from the authorities of the Slovak Republic. We will help clients with tax inspections, inspections from the social insurance company, but also inspections from health insurance companies and other offices of the Slovak Republic.